The Apps That Make The iPad Pro Worth Owning (2020)

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This is a followup video to the popular video with a similar title I made about a year ago. Some things have changed since then: we now have Trackpad and Mouse support on iPadOS and there are some apps from the previous video I don't use anymore and others that I've since discovered. Hope you get some good ideas here!
Scroll down for the list of apps from Twitter!
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Twitter users favorite iPad Pro apps:
Affinity Photo, Microsoft Office, Procreate, LumaFusion, Notability, Apple Notes, Jumsoft Money, Autodesk Sketchbook, Spark, Things, Drafts, Airtable, GoodNotes, iA Writer, Day One, Yoink, Lightroom, Retouch, Hootsuite, Pocket,, Ferrite, Shortcuts, Lightroom, Fantastical, Zapier, Data Jar, Toolbox Pro, Pushcuts, Filmic Remote, Pixelmator Photo, Affinity Designer, Microsoft Outlook, Shelly SSH, VLC, Pixlr, Spark Mail, Shiftscreen, Marvel Strike Force, Apple TV Plus, Call Of Duty Mobile, Jump Desktop, Reeder, Notion, Noto, Ulysses, Nebo, LaunchCuts, Microsoft OneNote, WebEx, Flipboard, Adobe Fresco, Terminus, FaceTime, Jumbo, Keynote, Disney+, Prisma, Shapr3D, Google News, Netflix, Scribd, OneCast, Scanbot, Calculator Widget, Textastic, Working Copy, GoodReader
Time stamps:
0:38 - This is a followup video
0:56 - YOUR favorite iPad Pro apps (list)
1:11 - What makes an app worthy of the iPad Pro?
2:24 - Apps I'm still using from the last video
2:38 - Apps I'm not using anymore from the last video
3:06 - My essential widgets
3:46 - Some of the work apps I rely on on my iPad Pro
3:51 - PDF Expert
4:20 - Screens VNC
5:00 - Ferrite Pro
5:52 - Filmic Pro
6:25 - Sketches Pro
7:00 - Loooom
7:20 - Goodnotes vs Notability (a quick note)
7:39 - A few other pro apps I don't use but that you might
7:57 - Morpholio Trace
8:15 - Shapr3D
8:32 - A note about AR and the new iPad Pro's LiDAR scanner
9:36 - Some entertainment apps that are better on the 12.9" iPad Pro
9:54 - A quick mention of gaming on the iPad Pro
10:10 - Some of Apple's own apps that make the Pro worth it

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    • The Barrios Family

      The Barrios Family

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      Can you make a video on how to use affinity photoshop app please and thanks



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      Paper like biggest scam

    • Lucie Thomas

      Lucie Thomas

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      hi there, i was wondering if screens is free or costs money and if you can search links and interact with websites that require flash on your laptop through your Ipad using sreens and if its then possible to transfer that work to the ipad without being cloe to it? thanks

    • T K

      T K

      9 ամիս առաջ

      @Camilo Pineda i've used paperlike since January on the 2018 12.9 and it definitely reduces the clarity of the screen but feels nice to use the pencil on.

    • Vicky R

      Vicky R

      9 ամիս առաջ

      Rick Boyett is it also a screen protector? I usually have the glass like protector on the screen. Does paper like will be enough to protect?

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    🤟🏽Yo!!! 10:36 that Gawvi hits right!!!! Blessings brodie 🤙🏽

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    Maltee or Maltai??

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    Didn't see loom in apple store

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    I ordered Air 4 today...❤ waiting 🤪

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    Hello !
    Is there anybody has a problem with zoom app whenever you host the zoom meeting, you can’t hear the participants properly or the audio sound was too low to be heard?

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    Just want to reach out and say how much I'm loving your vids. Really insightful! just binged 8 and have 8 more queued up

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      Awesome! Glad to hear!

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    what is the name of the app at 1:20?

  • Jill Price

    Jill Price

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    Best apps for ipad pro ive found is called art set and pigment. Procrate and dazzle along w pottery. I love art drawing and coloring. These r the best of best ive tried alot of art apps. Try them out and they hav lite n free options but well worth pay n the fee to get full app. I buy em every yr.

    • Jill Price

      Jill Price

      24 օր առաջ

      The pottery and pigment app has contest and gallery that r on line that u can see and compete w others along w educational videos on how to color w certain effects.

    • Jill Price

      Jill Price

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      Also buy the paper like screen protector bc it makes it feel like paper and is not slippery when coloring

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    1000th comment

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    Alternative Title: Want to know what your missing out on?

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    999 comments...just could not resist! In all seriousness though, these videos are incredibly helpful. Like others I’m always looking for interesting ways to be more productive using technology. These short listers save so much time figuring out which ones to try and experiment with. Thank you DailyTekk for making these vids and for continually updating as new ones come out.

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    This man owns every type of pro there is

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    So done with this paperlike ads..... Just make a value for money product and u won't need such sponsorings.... Product will explode on its own 😑

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    The most perfect tab ever ❤️❤️❤️

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    I really thought that there'd be more games available. I'm pretty disappointed with my IPAD Pro 2020 for gaming.

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    Sketches is great... I start with it and move content to other apps to add on

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    You're looking like Justin Bieber!

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    Is there a VNC version that works with a PC?

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    Jawid Karim In Your Videos Like

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    I just bought the 2020 pro. I love it. The speakers are ah-mazing. Thank you for this video as I now have the pencil and procreate. I’m now looking for an app to do videos.

  • Ciprian Ciuhu

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    can you use affinity photo on the non pro Ipad ?

  • Lucia Zannoni

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    Hi! I have a question: I make 3d models for the university with the rhinoceros program, is there an app (and if so, which one) that allows you to import rhino files into the ipad and project them into the surrounding space via the LiDAR scanner? It would be very convenient for me to better analyze the objects I am designing.
    Thank you very much, greetings from Italy!

  • Levigil Cona

    Levigil Cona

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    can u give me ur pro 11" sir? I badly needed it for my online class coz we're very poor. My dream is to become like u, a content creator. Please notice me

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    Paperlike sucks

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    Buy MUSE app. Game-changer.

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    Honestly all I want is an apple pencil that can color sample from real life colors over to the iPad 😅

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    3:18 Calculator widget*

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    You mention Paperlike. I checked the app store reviews and there are almost more people that do not like as compared to the ones that like it.

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    I’ve the same iPad

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    Can you open and edit Word documents on an iPad Pro? Does with windows work well? Thanks for your videos, they’re amazing 🙌🏻

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    I agree to add “for graphics...”

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    Great video! What are your thoughts on getting the iPad Pro 2020 when prices drop in preparation for the next model? I’d use it for school, church, etc... I want it & could use it but I’ve had one before & returned it because I felt like I didn’t use it enough.

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    When i use keynote or pages and i want to save it as pdf i can do it without problems, But when I uploaded in a mail to be send it looks like .pdf but when the receiver of the mail can not open the pdf documents, it shows a mistake and try to open an online document. Please help I don’t know what to do, All my assessments i have to send them 3 or four times.

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    Any VNC to link to windows?

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    I have only used windows and PCs I have bought a IPad Pro. I would down load youtube videos and bring up affinity and toggle between the 2 to learn.. how do I do that with and IPad.. Help!!

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    Nice video

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    Me watching this on a iPad Air 2020 👁👄👁

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    Writing orchestral music in StaffPad = why I have an iPad
    The Handwriting took extra work until an update in Dec 2020. Now, I'm basically ready to commit 100% to my iPad.

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    Do Shadow PC review on iPad please

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    Watching this video from my Apple iPad Pro 11" and writing this comment using Apple Pencil.

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    It would be best you right the apps in your video comment because I can't find it

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    I’m scared if I ever meet this guy, he’ll simply go; sorry, ur just not pro enough for me

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    Do we need screen protector for the screen & camera lens in ipad pro? I use my ipad pro mainly for drawing with apple pencil.
    Some people said the protector it will affecting the apple pencil performance and the camera protecter will make quality of the picture less. but i am afraid i will damage the screen if doesn't have protector. Please share your thought about it.

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    Tbh i think Ipad is maybe the only worth thing buying from apple

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    I noticed it look like you had your iPad plugged into some kind of external monitor? Does that seem to work OK for you because I’ve seen some Youtubers say that you’re not allowed to do that feature on the iPad.

    • npgoalkeeper _

      npgoalkeeper _

      4 ամիս առաջ

      New versions of iPadOS have limited external monitor support. It’s there, but it still needs time to bake

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    Well paperlike is an awesome company. They sent me a new paperlike without asking much when mine came with a bent on it. But apple....
    Just a month and a half ago I bought my 2020 iPad Pro. It came off the box with a scratch on the back and some black spots on it. Apple sent me to a service provider. The provider after 15 days denied fixing it because it’s “cosmetic” and Apple doesn’t let them fix it for me. After that I contacted apple again. They said I need to wait for approval from their mechanics for a replacement. They texted me two days later that they accept it. Three days later and the fedex didn’t take it yet. I called apple, they said they don’t know. FedEx called me after that and they said apple just called them and they will take it 5 days later because it’s too late to come in this day to take it and then they don’t work on weekends and it was January 1 that they don’t work too. They took it on Monday. Three days later I had no news. I called apple they said it’s a problem of the delivery being slow. I called the delivery they said it’s apple that chose the economy shipping that will take 13 days to reach to apple and then they will take another 13 days I guess to send me another one after they take one or two days in between for their people to check if I really sent the iPad or I sent them a empty box because this is why they don’t ship a new iPad to me before they receive the old one. Then I called them and said why your company is so cheap and make me wait another month it’s like you do it on purpose and you want me to keep the damaged one, you could charge me the delivery fee and pay a faster one, they replied “so you want to keep the old one sir?” . DISGUSTING COMPANY.
    Never buying anything from them again and I’ll also be taking legal action against them

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    Any bending issues thats the only thing holding me back

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    You stopped using luma fusion for iMovie out of all things? iMovie is one of the most limited video editing apps for ipad ever. Even another free app, inshot, is miles ahead. I really just don’t understand.

  • Morgan Germani

    Morgan Germani

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    He mentioned that you can control your Mac with it or use it as a second display for your Mac but you can also do both of those things on Windows with Google Remote Connect and Duet Display respectively.

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  • Daev M

    Daev M

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    Wish the presentation was closed-captioned. Hard to capture some of the app names mentioned because they are not everyday words or titles. Thanks, overall

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    The timing of that game is:- 1.40

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      So glad!

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    Isn't it a little off to say there is no app that brings the tablet to its knees? Its a fixed spec piece of hardware, so it would be a poorly made app that would be too demanding for it. You aren't likely to find many of those

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    Alex Wilson-Razzell

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    Your 'B roll' is beautiful! What's wrong with your 'A roll' though? The colours look off and it looks a tad blurry to me, but not out of focus...

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    I’m definitely subscribing to your channel that was some good information. I would just like to see where you have put the links so I can go back and see which of the apps I want to get that I don’t have.
    I’m probably the oldest person watching this. but I am one that swims over anything technology. I will admit my age I am a woman 64 years old. And I can run circles around a lot of many many younger people than me on an iPad on a Mac and on a PC. enough bag I’m here to learn.



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    I pad pro 12.9 or
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  • Golden Shine

    Golden Shine

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    I love my Apple products, but it really pisses me off that Apple won’t work with a lot of basic file endings. I have about 40,000 karaoke songs and can’t get them on my IPod Pro 2018 with a terabyte memory. My songs are mp3g, cdg, and mp4g,. I haven’t found a way to convert them to work on my iPad Pro. Karaoke files are two part. One file for music and one file for graphics that run simultaneously. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Layne Sinclair

    Layne Sinclair

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    My apartment building recently caught fire and I lost all my stuff, specifically all my art stuff including my laptop and Wacom tablet. Was just going to replace them as is but that insurance cheque was generous so I got an upgrade for my troubles 😅