NEW Snowmobile with ONE SKI

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Outtro song used - Rollin by Justin Starling
This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice
Subaru WRX on Thin Ice
In todays video, we install the new Exo Sled Kit on Ryans Polaris Khaos 850 Turbo!! It worked really well! And was fun to ride too! We also mess around in the shop a little!

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    Almost to 1 million subs!! Let’s gooo boys

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      @Cheeto Henke it’s called rollin by Justin starling

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      I feel like been wrote this :)

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      why did this comment make me think of buttery

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      You got this

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      I only subbed for the skis

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    Take the snow quad too the mountains

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    Favorite YouTuber

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    if you use one ski. id have to be "catamaran" type

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    Looks good. I wonder how it would be on an arctic cat alfa with its rail system?

  • Porter M

    Porter M

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    On a scale from 1 to 10 how comfortable are the 509 quad helmets.

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    Where the Iowa people at???

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    Like a soviet snowmobile "buran")

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    “I am way too hung over for this”- Ben 2021

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    That looks awesome,I’m jealous

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    Ben: holy crap dude im way to hung over for this

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    Lift the limo

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    an idea from the 50’s

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    Do a live

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    Lol i got a Harry’s razor too i enjoy it a lot I’m from the UK

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    send a polaris to me please

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    Reminds me of the snow hawks

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    Bombardier had a one ski snowmobile 40 years ago there's nothing new about that

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    Cj looked so disappointed with his skis😂😂

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    This is pointless.

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    Only sled I’ve had is a 80/90/ Polaris Indy. Looking to upgrade and not break the bank. Any suggestions?

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    water cross the exo sled

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    I'm keeping an eye on you guys so I can be the one millionth subscriber

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    you cboys i got a pit bike and im only 10 but hope im able to ride with you guys i liked this vid too!



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    Skip it across the lake

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    Someone checkout my channel!

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    Imagine that and a mono rail , that would be interesting

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    My god man the music..👎

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    you guys were the ones who inspired me to get a dirtkike. Which is something I never thought I would want, but I love it.

  • Paul Condie

    Paul Condie

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    I tried harry's and not even close to being as good to the gillette fusion! FYI, lol

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    How the he'll is there not 1 mill subs?

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    What is the song at the end of the video

  • Tony Peraino

    Tony Peraino

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    This was a thing a long time ago called snow hawks I believe I might be wrong tho

    • Tony Peraino

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      I do like the vids tho

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    My guess is that a few of these boys took 8 inches yesterday.

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    ben looked so hungover during that ad😂

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    Am I the only one that is wondering what can Micah has it sound like a old triple

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    What is that song iv been tryin to find it

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    What is the song that you used that goes like “ I’ve been riding rolling drinking smoking that just something I do”?

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    More then we got we see green

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    Even if there was snow we whould not be able to sled around with out getting a ticket

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    Must be nice to be riding theres no snow where we are

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    Its a new way to make a timber sled with out a dirtbike

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    Not gonna stick

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    Snowbike? No?

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    Your videos are great

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    What is that song called

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    You guys never had to break them in? Or do they not have a break in period

  • Acura RL

    Acura RL

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    Can y’all do some close ups and walk around on mono ski. We’d like to see the mechanics of it.

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    u guys are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was dying at the WWE

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    Could it compete with a snowbike?hum...

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    What is that song that goes “I’ve been riding, rolling, smoken, that sum I do

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      I know iv been looking for it for weeks

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    Lol I seen the mod on insta love it❤️ go follow them @cboystv and mine @jonas_mccarthy_

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      And u seen one of the comments. You need to water skip this. Ryan “pretty much have to now🤣

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    Can u guys plz bring back the old intro theme but with new videos in it, thanks



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    You should get a wheelie ramp for the x3 like what mark freeman has

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    Now that is cool!

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    In the summer you guys need some 2 stroke action

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    Looks interesting ! You guys gotta get up in the mountains and try it out in some serious powder conditions !

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    I am so happy for your success

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    Wish had y'all's $$$

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    6:00 it sounds like he's laughing the Mario theme song



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    Go water skipping with it🤤

  • Addison Ewing

    Addison Ewing

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    ight i’ve been trying to find that song they play during timelapses for so long can someone help me out here

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    u should do a studded smart car

  • JackJackCamo11 Davis

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    turn your go cart into a snowmobile

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    I know you ain’t doing a q&a but how do you share money from your videos

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    You guys should do a pit bike race on ice

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    Never seen so many crash’s with single ski , should go back to two skis was fun watching ,going 80 across the lake I would be scared shitless.

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    Petition for cboys to bring back the Astro world themed hoodie

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    That turbo sounds really cool

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    Got a bull for y’all to ride let’s see what y’all are really about

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    sorry for borthing you but i alwas wanted a snowmoblie and is that drow in ontrio

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    It's funny watching a 13 year old promote shaving products. Dude barely has any peach fuzz.

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    Are you going to wrap the giveaway sled before giving it away

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    snow hawk vibes

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    I love the snow doo concept.👍 just imagine carving three feet of deep powder on it. Nothing short of awesome! Shoulder to the snow experience.

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    Hey you guys should wait until u get snow ☺️

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    So it's basically a snow hawk now

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    One thing. Can it skip water?

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    Am I the only one tha thinks it looks like a mini moped when you look at it from the front 😂

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    Song at 3:17?

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    CJ I saw a very identical quad going down the road with a white truck in the trailer at the back of it look just the same as yours

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    One ski under arctic cat alpha would be nice

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    and lynx already had one ski in the 1980`s on the ockelbo 8000

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