I Used 20+ Clear iPhone 12 Cases - Here's Are My Top Picks

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So you have a colorful iPhone BUT hate the fact that most cases will cover up the color you spent hours choosing? Well, go with a clear case! Out of my collection of 80+ cases, about 1/4 of them are clear and I talk about the Top 10 in this video.
Now I personally am not a big fan of most clear cases as the reduced handling and increased "greasiness" of the clear back doesn't do it for me. But that's a personal opinion and I'm a reviewer, not an influencer so for the cases in this Top 10 list, we've weighted the protection, design and functionality of the cases equally.
At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we're sponsor free. Which means we get to say anything we want. At the end of the day, we don't care which case you get, all we care is that you get the best case that you want. Like what we do? Support us!
Here's the Top 10 (and affiliate links):
1. Casetify Ultra Impact - mreh.ca/3eNKmDV
2. Catalyst Influence - mreh.ca/32r1NFs
3. Mous Clarity - Use "mobilereviewseh2104pa" @ www.mous.co for a discount!
4. Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 - mreh.ca/3gfn4aR
5. Rhinoshield MOD NX - mreh.ca/Rhinoshield
6. FLOLAB Taffyca - "MRE10" @ www.flolab.io (I think this code still works)
7. Spigen Ultra Hybrid - mreh.ca/37Jfq4w
8. Supcase Unicorn Beetle EXO - mreh.ca/3lSdBqV
9. Ringke Fusion X - mreh.ca/3lUtkWQ
10. Cyrill Color Brick - mreh.ca/2JV7ipg
In this grouping, the thinnest case is going to be the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. If you're looking for something thinner, check out the Caudabe Lucid Clear or even the Apple Clear Case.
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    i got the catalyst influence case, but i found it to be too wide of a case to grip in my hand. It forced me to use my phone with two hands more often than not. I considered returning it but the return shipping is expensive with the tracking....

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    There's a lot of ringke cases btw, they also have Fusion Matte Cases! fusion design cases And a new version of Fusion X, Onyx cases! I mean there's a lot to choose! Affordable cases tho very worth every penny! Protect your phone :)

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  • Muffin Tunes

    Muffin Tunes

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    I really appreciate the unbias review in terms of effective protection & visual appearance explanation throughout the video. I decided to go with the Influence Catalyst [Clear] for my blue iPhone 12! I may not make heads or tails of the rotary mute dial issue but I'm sure it's no big deal, I can just triple-tap the back of the phone to "mute/silent" instead... I'm a musician after all!
    [Settings->Accessibility->Touch->Back Tap->Assign double/triple tap functions!]

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    Great reviews. Great presenting voice that's easy on the ear. So I subscribed. I still use lightning speaker docks around the house, so its disappointing the 12 pro max doesn't really have that many open bottom cases now. Such a hassle removing the case every time to use them. I think the Apple clear case is open at the bottom, but don't use magsafe so that's way too expensive (@£49/CAD$86).



    2 ամիս առաջ

    Due to the thinness of these cases, I’m skeptical of the camera lens protection. I settled for the Otterbox Defender. Excellent protection and still pretty thin. The rubber exterior provides ample grip.

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    Appreciate the full spectrum reviews you provide so "we" don't have to learn the hard way about what's best for our iphone's cases. I have one suggestion I didn't see being tested in any that I could tell. With all the privacy issues apps and platforms are having to change to, there are cases that provide camera blocking for back and/or front (preferably both at same time on a case) cameras. Could you review those types? Case that just holds phone and covers cameras F&B. versus impact protection/wireless charging combined with both camera privacy covers. Colors and variety isn't as much of a concern as the need to be able to choose to protect privacy.

  • Kenny James

    Kenny James

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    In the end, I went with #1.


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    • Gabe Goffin

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      The rhinosheild one I believe

  • Bo Norman

    Bo Norman

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    As someone who has bought the casetify impact series, the back scratches sooooo easy. I never put anything in the pocket with my phone and I wear sweatpants a lot. After 2-3 weeks it hand scratches all over the back of the phone case and it looked like someone took a key and scrape the back. For $49 I wouldn't recommend.

  • clevername333


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    Catalyst FTW! My Impact V.2 (influence) feels great in hand and I got their shoulder strap attachment which I love!

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    Serendipity Betta

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    Will Schafer

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    I can’t find a thin strong case that will charge on a desk stand type charger. I tried the new more powerful Mophie desk stand charger and the mag desk stand charger and they can penetrate the cases I have already tried and I have tried caseify ans EVO etc. Doesn’t anyone know a thin strong case that will charge with a desk stand charger. Please email info to wscha87395@aol.com

  • Emily Hughes

    Emily Hughes

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    Thank you so much for this review—- I spent a couple days agonising over my purchase and went with the catalyst influence :-).
    I was also looking at Pelican voyager (unfortunately hard to get in UK) and OtterBox symmetry, do you have any thoughts on these?
    Thank you so much for walking me through such a niche but surprisingly complex decision!

    • Sue Leocha Sadowski

      Sue Leocha Sadowski

      3 ամիս առաջ

      just bought an OTTER BOX clear case for my IPHONE12 pro, it could NOT have sucked enough , well next to APPLE's Im not sure which one was worse. Apples looks SO gorgeous, but is SO SO slippery and crappy material, Otters looks like a bad rubber tire around it and before I even had it OUT of the box, the GRIMEY finger look made SMEARS all around it just from TOUCHING it. I couldnt return it fast enough. but hec, thats just me. Otter is now in WALMART it seems. Hope this helps ya .

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