72-Hour Beef Wellington

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I usually make this once a year since it takes a while, but I think it's quite fun! Costco also had a sale on beef tenderloin, which made me very excited.
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My video style is heavily inspired by Asian vlog channels I admire, such as Zoe, Cat's Kitchen, haegreendal, HidaMari Cooking, EMOJOIE Cuisine, Nino's Home, Cooking Tree, Wife's Cuisine, and more. Please check them out!
I don’t have an exact recipe for this, but here are some wonderful beef Wellington recipes from people who are a lot more knowledgeable and talented in the kitchen than I am:
Binging with Babish: amtost.info/two/video/dsWYvJaFz6pkuIo.html
Joshua Weissman: amtost.info/two/video/mZ2KqrVsxphvvKg.html
Food Wishes: amtost.info/two/video/q76eqsuwk4eisqw.html
Guga Foods: amtost.info/two/video/pZiQ0t58q4KakX4.html
ChefSteps: amtost.info/two/video/hMyl0Zt7l2J-lHo.html

Thank you all for watching!

Alvin Zhou
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    It’s RAW!

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    This could very well be a Marks and Spencers Christmas advert. This is not just food....This is Alvin Zhou food.

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    CAn we appreciate the flawless shots and camera stuff, thats soothing by itself

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    Why use a gas stove tho?

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    Alvin pls upload more :c

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    As much as I want beef wellington, I've never had it, so I can only imagine it tastes like a pig in a blanket but with an earthy taste added on.

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    This guy generally has some of the best writing I have ever seen

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    These videos are like ASMR, but for your eyes and mouth.

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    "Today I'm making..."
    I think you mean, "for the next 3 days I will be making"

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    Does anyone find it a bit weird how he talks to the food or is that just me?

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    This video brought me so much joy. Thank you.

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    beautiful work! very nice!

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    Saw you on chopped🤘

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    My girlfriend walked into the room, I'm startled and I quickly close the browser right when he cuts the beef open.
    "What were you looking at?"
    "Nothing Love"
    We are Vegans.

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    Looks like the beef sasha stole from attack on titan

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    I've gotten emotionally attached to a beef. I don't know there's something about this video, I like the way he cooks, it's delicate, soft and just makes it seem like an art, maybe it is one but it's the first time I see it this way.

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    nice work how long in the oven ?

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    13:37 "My excitement is immeasurable and my day is saved" XD

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    can you imagine that he undercooked it after all this work

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    "Good little beef" "Happy little beef"😂 I love everything about this video 💖

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    The music fits so wonderfully at 12:10 ❤

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    5:08 i was like,wait why did he add minecraft eating noises in the middle of him seasoning.

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    48 hours in the fridge is unnecessary. Just cook it.

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    Turning food into art :D



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    Too much freshness to eat meat

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    Ele realmente chamou o bife de wellington? Eu achei que esse nome era famoso só aqui.

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    When this man has sex, he asks the woman if it’s okay if he moves a little bit from time to time

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    the music while he's making the wine sauce reminds me of undertale and idk how to feel about that

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    tres joli ce wellington avec quelques cube de foie gras de canard dans la duxelles,et une demi glace au porto c'est encore meilleur,essayez une selle de veau orloff,vous serez ravi.

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    Good job on the beef but the whole over the top cutesy quirky vibe you go for is real annoying

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    These kind of videos that you make are so relaxing!

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    this man is talking to his food

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    That was really cool ! Enjoyed watching that Alvin !

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    Looks better than Gordon Ramsay

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    2x playback speed is still not palatable for watching this. YouTube should introduce 3x playback speed pronto.

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    Sweet dreams to you all.
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    Cheers to you all...

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    That has got to be the very most bestest Beef Wellington I have ever seen. I have made a few but never to the extreme you guys did. Thank you so much for an amazingly awesome video. Well photographed and beautiful setting all the way around. You should be highly commended and it was an honor watching you guys.

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