15 Unbelievable Places that Actually Exist

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Unbelievable and amazing places that you wouldn't believe actually exist! The places in today's video are not from some distant planet, they are places that exist here on Earth. Here are the 15 most unbelievable places.
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  • AMpro BIUS

    AMpro BIUS

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    Charlie sheen narrates

  • Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia

    7 ժամ առաջ

    5 they think it may be Atlantis. If you look at it, it looks as how the rings would look as the rings would be shaped.

  • james navarrosa

    james navarrosa

    15 ժամ առաջ

    I think i will enjoy this

  • G. Thomas

    G. Thomas

    17 ժամ առաջ

    6:45 It is not unclear that it is a method from the past to bend wood for a wooden sled. I am from Germany and have seen such trees and this is explained in the museum.

  • vikas malik

    vikas malik

    21 ժամ առաջ

    Most important is the thumbnail real or not?

  • deanna spencer

    deanna spencer

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    🧐🙄😬😬Ferrytails ,Beautiful Pics,China,New Zealand,Etc...

  • XDEE


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    Aint that underwater sandfall death trap? By the time it will swallow sand from beach and then the whole city!

  • Daniel Valente

    Daniel Valente

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    Very interesting and all, but those measures are absolute trash. Go meter, ffs.

  • bg se

    bg se

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  • Soni Mishra

    Soni Mishra

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  • R3V3L4T0Rs YouTube

    R3V3L4T0Rs YouTube

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    God sure did make a beautiful home for us :-)

  • Relaxation Journeys

    Relaxation Journeys

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    If you ever feel lonely, just remember that there are trillions of cells inside you, that literally can't live without you ❤️

    • Dahyehliazni


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      @justt himu tried being less rude or tried Loving Jesus

    • justt himu

      justt himu

      19 ժամ առաջ

      @Dahyehliazni I'm sorry. But it doesn't help you know. I've tried.

    • Dahyehliazni


      19 ժամ առաջ

      @justt himu thats abit rude

    • Dahyehliazni


      19 ժամ առաջ

      Or just remember that there is a God who Created and Loves us

    • justt himu

      justt himu

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      shut up

  • senpaicy


    2 օր առաջ

    secret tunnel secret tunnel 1:03

  • Nice Jane Acosta

    Nice Jane Acosta

    2 օր առաջ

    I wish i'll be able to see this personally one day🙏

  • parsons585


    2 օր առաջ

    Our amazing God Jehovah and His creation!!

  • Dubble Yew

    Dubble Yew

    2 օր առաջ

    Ooooooo. Ooooo! I’ve been there! The gates of hell! And back.

  • FrizFroz


    2 օր առաջ

    Thought the Salar de Uyuni will be included in this list, the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

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    16)💂‍♀️🏛👑💰🇬🇧United of Kingdom

  • Michel Young

    Michel Young

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  • Coins & Stamps to Watch

    Coins & Stamps to Watch

    3 օր առաջ


  • Idris iris

    Idris iris

    4 օր առաջ

    Beautiful and great quality, love the audio. Greetings from London.

  • Wayne solo

    Wayne solo

    4 օր առաջ

    eye of africa huh i was thinking the remains of the tower of babel :D

  • Nepal Nature Views and Place any Others

    Nepal Nature Views and Place any Others

    4 օր առաջ


  • Hank NVT

    Hank NVT

    5 օր առաջ

    Due analysis.........
    the 2 palms were dancing......
    the cha cha cha ladies and gentlemen.......
    and then the witch past by........
    and snapped her fingers.................
    and that is what were looking at.......
    they say ......
    that if you snap your fingers at midnight........
    that then the palms grow back......
    I have done that in the last couple of years.....
    and every time i snapped my fingers.....
    another one grew strange......

  • Alexandria Felan

    Alexandria Felan

    5 օր առաջ

    how about dry ice

  • Rudy Murillo

    Rudy Murillo

    5 օր առաջ

    Drop a tank of sand or blow it like a candle

  • Guess ity

    Guess ity

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    Highly recommend to check this out: https://youtu.be/ivgbwNhsXyc

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  • sunflower park

    sunflower park

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    Wow all i can say is wow🤧

  • QTs TravelingTiny

    QTs TravelingTiny

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    We just began our trip across the U.S. 🤘🏼

  • Teresa Ferrer

    Teresa Ferrer

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    What a blessing to live in a beautiful planet!

  • Adahy Jones

    Adahy Jones

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  • Crazy Kandis

    Crazy Kandis

    6 օր առաջ

    Actually thae crooked forest is in Russia in Kaliningrad region,not in Poland as you've said

  • Daily Videoz

    Daily Videoz

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    Miracles of earth. God provide me more money to visit your incredible creations..

  • Judith Collins

    Judith Collins

    6 օր առաջ

    It's ironic that we don't know everything about our own planet, but we feel the need (or desire) to travel to other worlds as if we will discover something we CAN explain. Haha.
    But I so respect the scientists geologists who TRY to figure these oddities out.

  • Yogesh Saini

    Yogesh Saini

    6 օր առաջ

    Transition sounds Effects name plz

  • Nooruddin Caunhye

    Nooruddin Caunhye

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    Mauritius 🇲🇺❤️

  • lucksksksmartin


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    Eu vivo aqui? Esplendido

  • Patrick Wentzell

    Patrick Wentzell

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    Rainbow Spa who knew such a thing was ever possible outside.

  • emz low

    emz low

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    So harmonic

  • Ali Muhamad

    Ali Muhamad

    8 օր առաջ

    في القرءان الكريم يقول الله تعالي ان السماء كانت متلاصقة مع الارض . السماء بما فيها من الكواكب و طبعا كانت تتحرك و تصتدم ببعضها البض وتصتدم و بالارض . و هذا ما ادى الى تكوين الجبال و الرمال و تضاريس الارض . طبعا بإذن وحكمت الخالق العظيم . ( اولم يرى الذين كفرول لن السموات و الارض كانتا رتقا ففتقناهما . و جعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي افلا يبصرون )



    8 օր առաջ

    Seven Unanswered Question in Physics

  • Akash Singh

    Akash Singh

    8 օր առաջ

    I think his favourite movie is AVATAR :)

  • T beti

    T beti

    8 օր առաջ

    Have you seen Dankel depression in Ethiopia?

  • Honeyluvz


    8 օր առաջ

    top fives. “15 unbelievable places that actually exist”

  • Chris & Ananda B

    Chris & Ananda B

    9 օր առաջ

    "it began life 100's of millions of years ago as a lagoon" - You have no idea...nobody does. These are theories, so call them that.

  • Jenneth Macaraig Alorro

    Jenneth Macaraig Alorro

    9 օր առաջ

    10 AMAZINGASTOUNDING EUROPEAN COUNTRIES === https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b89dVR7s48w

  • Suenette Edwards

    Suenette Edwards

    10 օր առաջ




    10 օր առաջ

    Highest peak in the philippines

  • KShare


    10 օր առաջ

    Great Video, so wonderful, love it

  • Nicholas Epps

    Nicholas Epps

    10 օր առաջ

    #5 The Richat Structure is Atlantis hiding in plain sight. According to Platos description in the Timaeus and Critias it bore concentric rings of land and water. Check out Bright Insight’s video on it for more details. Remain curious and consistently learn new knowledge my friends!

  • mehedi hassan Shimul

    mehedi hassan Shimul

    12 օր առաջ

    If anyone wants to know about the weird places of the world in bengali , watch this video given below :
    This is not my channel's video . But this video contains a lot of things about the weird places . If you want to know them in bengali or have bengali friends , do not forget to telll them about this video.

  • Agata Criss

    Agata Criss

    12 օր առաջ

    great places

  • William Adams

    William Adams

    13 օր առաջ

    Nevertheless Earth is a beautiful place for discovery, but the central role of property rights in our system of government must be reinforced.

    • Suenette Edwards

      Suenette Edwards

      10 օր առաջ

      I was raised that owning property was a privilege that was also a divine blessing. That it was also a duty to leave any land in a better condition for your having been there.

    • Alen Joshua

      Alen Joshua

      13 օր առաջ

      Bitcoin is obviously the new digital gold.

    • Graham Stephen

      Graham Stephen

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      Tatiana Mazel

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    • James Cardio

      James Cardio

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      @Steuern MitKopf This isn't ignorance but because of unprofessional brokers in the stock market.

  • HeyTubey


    14 օր առաջ

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bhTTi3dFl24 fairytale Land Netherland

  • Yirgayem yirgah

    Yirgayem yirgah

    14 օր առաջ

    I have been in a lot of planets but earth is my second favourite planet✊

  • Yaoyao Dolly

    Yaoyao Dolly

    14 օր առաջ

    1:51: a little correction- it has an official name called “Zhang Jia Jie 张家界” in Hunan Province, China. I have been there and it is pretty an other-worldly feeling. in case anyone is interested, google it for more information. 4:12: I think to myself: “these are the best colors for blushes, like ever!”

  • 1802-64_Sezan Mahmud

    1802-64_Sezan Mahmud

    15 օր առաջ

    Top 5 amazing travel Destination. You should travel.Watch the video

  • Beautyful Place

    Beautyful Place

    15 օր առաջ

    Your video is so beautiful, I support it

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    Noahs Dad

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    Beautiful and cool places I love them

  • tudu kora Official

    tudu kora Official

    15 օր առաջ

    May people don, t destroy this places



    16 օր առաջ

    Me: Wait a damn minutes..,
    The 13 OnE Is my WaLlPaPeR I just putted Last day ago

  • Even Yuventus

    Even Yuventus

    16 օր առաջ

    If traveling were free, you would never see me again..

  • O.G. Wolf

    O.G. Wolf

    16 օր առաջ

    That first one is fake asf but okay

  • Cosmic Dry

    Cosmic Dry

    16 օր առաջ

    Jesus Christ

  • Minakshi Aadle

    Minakshi Aadle

    16 օր առաջ

    Why no one poure water in gate of hell ??

  • Walter Sobchak

    Walter Sobchak

    17 օր առաջ

    The cliff blocks in Venezuela are my favorite

  • adam rutz

    adam rutz

    17 օր առաջ

    Number 5 is atlantis

  • Relaxing Music and Video Nature

    Relaxing Music and Video Nature

    18 օր առաջ

    amazing video and advice like "no travel in this place "😍

  • Doug Ohaver

    Doug Ohaver

    18 օր առաջ

    When I see things like this on our own planet, it really makes me wonder why we are investigating rocks floating in space such as Mars that doesn't even have a single blade of grass on it. I mean nothing against anyone that's interested in outer space because I am too but still there are so many mysteries about our own planet.

  • iDqnnez


    18 օր առաջ

    I believe the waterfall was a glitch while generating the world...

  • Rajashree Thakre

    Rajashree Thakre

    19 օր առաջ

    what's the music at the end?

  • Veemo _YT

    Veemo _YT

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  • Dalish Happy

    Dalish Happy

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    The best natural Your video very good

  • Bartimaeus Mr lit like bic Morris

    Bartimaeus Mr lit like bic Morris

    19 օր առաջ

    All I hear is....”Life After People”

  • neon zilly

    neon zilly

    20 օր առաջ

    Masya Allah

  • Smith


    20 օր առաջ

    this whole video is just "aliens" meme.

  • Jade Makagago Capoy

    Jade Makagago Capoy

    20 օր առաջ

    2:59 ➡️ hotgirls.to ⤵️

    B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's





    說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候 1619422749



    21 օր առաջ

    So amazing

  • Arebea Bridgewater

    Arebea Bridgewater

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    Earth is so beautiful 🥰

  • christoffer persson

    christoffer persson

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    Is that charlie sheen talking?

  • Mina #9

    Mina #9

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    12:18 it's the Fortress of Solitude!!

  • YongYorn Kng

    YongYorn Kng

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    Hello how are you?
    Wonder full at there

  • Priana Ferdous

    Priana Ferdous

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    all i can say after seeing these places is subhanAllah!!😌😌

    • Cosmic Dry

      Cosmic Dry

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  • EvilBrainFromOuterSpace


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    I still thumbs up the video in spite of my other comment because my opinion has nothing to do with the videos content. I say this to try and stop idiots from putting thumbs down because on things that are solely information. Won’t work but whatever.

  • EvilBrainFromOuterSpace


    23 օր առաջ

    Yeah what is the amount of methane spewed into the atmosphere every second in comparison to the amount farted in the air by the evil capitalist cows that’s never factored in to man made climate change. If this was the only place this was happening you could say oh well drop in the polluted ocean but it’s not it’s happening in several places including at least two in the US and one in Canada two fueled by unprocessed coal and the other natural gas. This happened in Turkmenistan because of the early signs that communism couldn’t be sustained and the foot dragging to stop this had more to do the kinder gentler form of equally unsustainable communism that is being trumpeted by morons who don’t understand economics called socialism. The most ridiculous fact is that these idiots complain about how capitalism is inherently unfair yet they voice this on social media which is kept alive by capitalism and is facilitated by use of a piece of capitalist technology that by design is obsolete in six months by billionaires who are now openly playing fast and loose the cornerstone of freedom, free speech. This statement is not approved speech by King Zucker or Ted Kaczynki’s evil twin Jack Dorsey but considering these to platforms are used almost exclusively in goldfish memory sized statements most people that this is meant for grunted and stopped reading after the first 4 words this probably won’t be deleted.

  • kevin hofmann

    kevin hofmann

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    12:22 this is a crystal meth bunker from mexican drug cartels

  • Swahili language master class

    Swahili language master class

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  • Mduduzi Hlatshwayo

    Mduduzi Hlatshwayo

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    You still need to travel the world your discovery is inconclusive and deceiving

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    GK Travel

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    Incredible locations as well as historical information. 😉

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    Divine Nonbinary

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    A beautiful reminder that humans are but a speck of dust upon the face of this magical rock 🥲🙏❤️

  • Kyle Betts

    Kyle Betts

    24 օր առաջ

    #2 Gas-holes can really be ass-holes, huh. They get especially irritated when some idiot ker-plops a grenade in them.

  • Shin-i-chi Kozima

    Shin-i-chi Kozima

    24 օր առաջ

    The Scenery of nature is beyond my imagination and beyond description .
    Vicissitudes are the lot of man !
    How mutable is the world ‼️
    Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵
    Which national are you watching this video ?

  • William's Frederick

    William's Frederick

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    15:55:Show THAT to Climate-Greta!🤣

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    pineapple squirrel

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    Earth is so beautiful

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    * SPICY

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  • S.K.


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    Why are none of these videos actually top 5 xD

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    JustMe Tintin

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    nice place